Do it yourself

Want to paint it yourself?
We can help!! No kidding!!

That's right!! We offer a unique solution for homeowners that is virtually unheard of. The preparation of any paint job is the most vital step of the process. Without doing preparation correctly, you are destined to have an undesirable end result, and likely paint failure. That's why we offer the option of having our professionals do all the preparation for you.

The preparation phase of any job can be very time consuming, messy, dusty, undesirable, and, possibly, even the reason you keep putting off the joy of beautifying your home. When you use this service, it really is not only realistic, but do - able for you to tackle that project on a weekend!  It is this reason why we have decided to offer this service to you. Included in this service is your ability to rely on us for troubleshooting and support throughout your painting project. We won't simply get your check and scram!

Our professionals, in exchange for a fair rate, will come to your home and do all the drywall, plaster, caulking and other repairs, clean up and even the primer coat for you, thus keeping you on project and on budget. You then do the painting, and voila!! This service is also available for your exterior project. Let our team do all of the scraping, sanding, caulking, and priming of your home, garage, shed, outbuilding, fence, etc..