Neglecting your peeling home could be a very costly mistake, as when water is allowed to enter where it shouldn't, it causes wood rot. Having to replace wood siding can be tremendously expensive that's why it makes sense to protect and maintain it. Let's remember that even though paint comes in many decorative colors, it is first and foremost a protective coating and if the coating is breached, it is ineffective. Here is our process:

1.Pressure Washing: Pressure Washing is done as needed. Many companies sell pressure washing as part of their quote. Most often, it's a good idea and very much needed. However if your home is peeling very badly, not only will it make a huge mess by blowing chips off of the house with the pressure washer,(which operates at an average of over 2500 p.s.i.) but you run the risk of embedding moisture into the wood, thus creating a possible problem area. Some companies pressure wash badly peeling homes in an effort to avoid properly scraping large areas.

2. Surface Preparation: All loose, flaking, or bubbled paint will thoroughly be scraped from house and garage exterior. Scraped areas are sanded in an effort to reduce the appearance of scarring caused by scraping. It is important to note that the results of this process depend on the age, condition, and number of layers of paint on the wood, and it is possible that surfaces will not have a smooth finish after scraping.

3.Caulking: Proper caulking around windows, doors and wherever necessary, assures that no moisture will seep in, and will help reduce heating and cooling energy loss.

4. Window Glazing: Replacing missing or loose window glaze will not only help heat / cool energy loss, but will protect the wood panes from moisture and rot.(wet and dry)

5. Priming: All bare wood is primed with an ultra high quality Zinsser brand product designed to give high build to minimize the appearance of scarring caused by scraping, and glue down the edges of scraped areas to prevent further peeling. Bare metal is primed with an appropriate ultra high quality primer also made by Zinsser.

6. Painting: Once all of the above steps have been completed, your house and garage exterior will be repainted completely using premium paint such as Sherwin Williams Superpaint.

7. Clean-up: A  general clean up is done daily. At the end of the job a thorough clean up is done leaving behind a clean job and the homeowner with nothing to do except enjoy their newly rejuvenated home!!

8. FYI: A shop area will be kept in your yard along with ladders. We generally try to place our shop somewhere out of the way or out of sight if possible. Either way, our shop is kept in a neat and orderly manner at all times. We are also very, very careful not to trample plants, flowers, etc.

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